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The Caseificio Lauretti dairy company specialises in the artisan production of original buffalo mozzarella, the true queen of Mediterranean cuisine.

formaggi stagionati

Our Caseificio also offers top quality buffalo milk cheese and other food products with a high nutritional value.

Organic food
vasto assortimento di formaggi

Our Caseificio only produces organic products which are selected every day following a procedure based on a 100 year tradition.

Large Supermarket Chains

The Caseificio Lauretti supplies large supermarket chains everyday with fresh products so that you can always have them on your table.


Take a look at the pictures and discover the top quality of the Caseificio Lauretti products.

mozzarella con basilico latticini produzione mozzarelle datterini mozzarelle artigianali caprese la nostra sede il nostro staff